At some point, everyone has to deal with negativity in their life. What's important is knowing how to reverse a negative mindset.

As you know, yesterday was the first official day of fall. The weather is getting cooler, it is getting dark earlier in the evening, and leaves are beginning to fall. As it continues to get closer to some of the best holidays, here are some fall activities you can do:

Start by preparing on Sunday. Get your clothes picked out for the following morning, complete your weekend tasks so they aren't delayed into Monday, and go to bed early.

Job vs. Career


There are many differences between having a job and having a career. My opinion is that a job is something you do to make money, whereas a career is long-term and something you invest your time and energy into. You build towards your career and try to keep leveling up towards an end goal. A career, since it is long-term,...

September is self improvement month. It is important to understand that you can accept and love who you are and still want to improve certain aspects of yourself. Here are some examples of self improvement:

As the weather begins to change it is important to change with it. Fall is associated with cooler weather, leaves falling, and of course, seasonal colds. Here are some ways to stay healthy this fall:



Remember that meditation is a practice- it is not an end goal. Use it as a tool to help you achieve a healthier mind.

At some point in our lives, many of us struggle with having confidence. Everyone has different ways of building their confidence and mine was using the "fake it until you make it" approach. I started by doing the things below- even if I didn't truly believe them.



Stretching is essential to living an overall healthy life. It has so many benefits and can be such an easy, low-impact activity. Some benefits of stretching are:

Acknowledgement: you need to acknowledge and understand that things are changingAcceptance: even if you don't want to accept the outcome, you need to accept that things are changing. If you don't like the projected outcome- fight to change it.Stress: all change can cause stress- even good change. It is important to manage your stress levels by...