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Caretaker Application

We are currently looking for one or two caretakers for our ranch.

*We are now taking video applications only. Please create a TikTok showing us why we should pick you and include #EssenceRanch in the caption!

For this, we will ask you to post a TikTok video of you (and your potential partner in the adventure) demonstrating how well you would take care of our beautiful ranch, by showcasing your skills in the following domains:

  • gardening
  • housekeeping
  • preventing trespass
  • growing crops
  • doing small repairs

We welcome all styles of videos. Remember to add the #essenceranch hashtag to your post, so we are able to track it. The 4 posts with the most views will be the winners who will be invited to live on the ranch for a month, after which, we will select the one final individual or pair who will stay on the property on a permanent basis. 

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An all inclusive health and wellness brand dedicated to sharing every style of a healthy lifestyle. Redefining health and wellness through inclusivity- starting from within.

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Essence Wellness Center

Our wellness center located in Vacaville California is the perfect retreat!

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Helping our community come together and supporting our local businesses by hosting a small business expo.